Facebook Lead Generation Ads – What should be the placement techniques?

Facebook Lead Generation Ads - What should be the placement techniques

When you create a lead generation ad reaching the target audience in the fastest and most efficient way becomes the primary objective.
Facebook says that you can post lead ads across Facebook and Instagram because lead forms can be used in both by the client. But should you blindly follow this instruction or customize your ads? Let’s look at it in the context of real estate.

Which audience are you looking for?
When you create a lead generation ad for a product the target audience should be very clear to you. For example, if its an educational institute which has online course for Engineering and Medical Entrance Exam the audience becomes age 16 to 18 spanning an entire nation! and instantly you know you can tap into both facebook and instagram because the majority audience in insta is young! But when you are looking at creating a Real Estate Ad choosing the audience can be a very different task altogether.

Depending upon the price and location the audience can be pan-entire city, or very localized (within 5 or 10 Kms), entry-level employees, or management level executives, joint families which are expanding and many other factors. The traffic of these kind of demographic shifts behave very differently and you should explore that aspect very closely. And definitely Instagram could be an option to rule out if the project falls into a high-ticket localized buyer category.

Where do maximum leads come from?
Maximum leads come from the place where people generally spend most of their time. And in those terms Facebook Feed becomes the most important placement position. Even in automatic placements 60% of the leads are come from the Facebook Feed (timeline). Apart from that people may be searching for homes on rent or on sale on facebook. So Search placement becomes the second most important. These two should be priority placement for lead generation ads no matter how tightly you are trying to control your spending. The third most important part is Apps and other sites because when a potential buyer visits listing portals such behaviors are tracked by Facebook and the ads can be displayed to those people too.

What about expanding placements into Stories, In-Articles, In-Stream Videos?
Adding these portions will boost your lead generation if the primary audience targeting has been done properly.

What about Messenger, Insta and Whatsapp? Are they not lead sources?
Specifically for real estate I would suggest running parallels ads with only insta placements and only messenger placements for a couple days to see whether your particular project is getting traction. And only continue if there is traction. It seems like I am discouraging by that is not atall the case. Many times it is the type of the projects that can decide on the outcome. But largely the impression dilution is much more in insta and messenger which fatigues the process.

Hope this little information was helpful. We run full-fledged campaigns starting from landing page building to ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google. Do reach out in case you are looking for such solutions!!

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