How to optimize Google Ads & Keywords – few insights

How to optimize Google Ads & Keywords

When are looking to maximize our reach for our project campaign in Google ads within a budget there are certain things that we need to be mindful about. There is a key trigger-point which if you know what they you will have absolute clarity. Today I shall try talk about that:

I will take the location example as Mumbai. Suppose Your project is in Borivali. It is having 1, 2 and 3 beds. Now you have set up your website and allocated budget for Google ads. Now we are generally gripped by FOMO while sharpening the keywords. Say for a Borivali project we want to include the names of all the “neighborhoods” and then , the “neighborhoods of the neighborhoods” – Kandivali, Malad, Goregaon, Andheri so that we do not by chance miss something!!

This comes because we also see that our Google page pops outs an Andheri project when we look for something in Goregaon.

What is the best policy?

Even if you have a very high budget always start with laser sharp targeting. That is – if your project is in Borivali West go for extensions of keywords like – “1 bhk in Borivalli west”, “2 bhk in Borivalli west“, and so on.

There is a Key trigger towards expanding keywords which I shall share with you now.

In Google ads there is something called impressions share and something called ad ranking.

Impressions share means if 100 people were searching “1bhk in Borivali west” how many of them saw your ad? This number has to be above 60 or 70 percent for you to think about adding further locations. I would say having a 90 percent in this number is good.

Next is Ad Rank. It shows how often is your ad coming at the top part of the first page.

Impressions are the product of your budget and Ad rank is a product of your webpage quality, your ad quality to put it simply.

If your budget is very tight you may see even if the ranks are high the impressions share is very low. At that point do not expand the location reach out. Laser focus on the locations where you expect to get 80 percent of your leads. And that is generally in and around the location where the project is situated. In Mumbai, even a Borivalli East person generally does not come to Borivalli West. It can differ though. Say if the product a land project or second home project or an ultra-low-budget project, then one may look at the location in a broader way.

In Summary:

  1. Start with a laser-focused location radius.
  2. Check impression rate and ad rank.
  3. If the impression rate is low increase the budget or keep targeting the same location which you think is most prospective.
  4. If the ad rank is low check the ad quality and website quality.
  5. Expand the Location once you are satisfied that the ad rank is proper and the Impression rate are at least above 70% mark.

I hope you found this useful. If you have any queries related to digital campaigns do write to us. Thanks for the read!

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